No matter what level of care you need for your pets, Barks & Recreation is here to help!

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about our services, rates, or to let me know if there is a service not listed that your animal(s) needs.


Virtual Consultation: FREE

During this two-way video we will learn a lot about each other and cover all the same information as an in person meeting. We will review you and your animal’s needs and discuss current routines including food, play and walking. At the end of the call, if needed, we will schedule a time for a key exchange and moment for us to meet your pets. Schedule Here

Not every scenario is listed below, please check in with me about a package to suit your specific needs.

We look forward to meeting you and your pet!

Pet Care Services

Dog Walking

Whether you need us 5 days or week or just occasionally this visit is a winner for your dogs. We will spend our visit doing what your dog loves to do for the length of time best for your dog; 30, 45, or 60 minutes. We can spend our time walking around the neighborhood, playing in the yard, or a quick potty break and snuggles on the couch. Whatever you think is best for your dogs is what we will do. Of course we will also freshen the water, and feed and medicate as needed.

A walk in the neighborhood / fetch in the yard / snuggles on the couch

Pack Hikes

Sometimes you just need to hang out with friends in the woods! We love to provide this extra special time for dog friendly dogs who love to be outside. Safety is our highest priority which is why we always have 1 human for every 2-3 dogs, this ensures every dog gets individual attention and is handled in a safe and respectful way. We also know how dangerous ticks can be, so at the start of the hike all dogs (with permission) are sprayed with Wondercide, a natural tick repellent. We stop as often as the weather, and dogs, tell us we need to for water and do tick checks while they drink. Every hike ends with a full body tick check and more water.
Please call to check for availability in your town

A group hike in the woods / other friendly dogs / 1 or 2 hours options

 Cat and Small Animal Visits

Cats need some special playtime and interaction when their people are away and we are here to provide it! A clean litter box, fresh food and water, and plenty of love. If your cat isn’t the snuggle kind, we respect that and follow your lead about how much interaction your furry family members like, we can love from afar so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a feral cat. 1 visit per day is required.

A clean litter box for your furry family member

Pet Sitting

If you are headed out for a full day or leaving town for a few weeks, pet sitting packages have you covered. We work together to create the perfect care package for your fur family, basic packages start with 3 visits per day.

Pet sitting packages always include things like watering plants, bringing in the mail, sweeping up dog hair, and other small tasks as requested and time permits.

Gone for the day / Gone for the month / pet sitting packages to fit every animals needs

Overnight Care

If your pet likes to sleep with a human, just have one in the house, or you just feel better having someone home overnight then this is the package you want. It includes breakfast, mid-day visit, dinner and us sleeping at your home. Of course you can add on additional visits if needed.

Pet sitting packages always include things like watering plants, bringing in the mail, sweeping up dog hair, and other small tasks as requested and time permits.

A professional pet care specialist stays at your home so your dog never gets lonely

Other Services

You have a hectic week and Fido needs a ride to doggy daycare, the vet, or groomer – don’t cancel, just give us a call! While we have him we can also trim his nails and clean his ears.

Pet taxi | Nail Trims | Ear Cleaning | and more

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