Dog Activities: Enrichment Through Toys and Training 🧠🐾

May 24, 2024
dog activities with kong

Dog Activities: Enrichment Through Toys and Training 🧠🐾

Everyone knows that physical exercise is just as important for our canine friends as it is for us, but did you know that keeping your dog mentally stimulated with dog activities is just as important as physical exercise? 

We’ve got some examples of dog activities that ensure your furry friends are happy, healthy, and well-behaved. 

Interactive Toys:

You can find these, and other great interactive toys, at our local pet stores: My Pets World, Mystic Pet Shop, Paw Print Pantry

Puzzle Feeders: 

  • These toys challenge your dog’s problem-solving skills and make mealtime more engaging. Fill them with your dog’s favorite treats or kibble to provide mental stimulation and fun. 🧩🍖

Kong Toys: 

  • Stuff a Kong with treats or peanut butter and freeze it. This simple activity can keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated for hours. Find recipes your pup will love here

dog activities snuffle matBONUS: Let us know and we can leave it out for your pup after we visit!

Snuffle Mats: 

  • Hide treats in a snuffle mat and let your dog sniff them out. This activity taps into their natural foraging instincts and keeps them occupied.  They are easy to make your own too!

Training Sessions:

Basic Commands:

dog activities scent workNew Tricks: 

  • Teach your dog new tricks to keep their brain engaged. Whether it’s rolling over, shaking paws, or playing dead, learning new tricks is a fun way to stimulate your dog’s mind.

Scent Work: 

  • Hide treats around your home or yard and encourage your dog to find them using their sense of smell. This game is both mentally stimulating and rewarding. Check out this blog for more details on this fun activity!

Enrichment Games:

Hide and Seek: 

  • Play hide and seek with your dog. Hide in different spots around your home and call your dog to find you. This game is great for mental stimulation and strengthening your bond.

dog activities agilityInteractive Play: 

  • Use toys like tug ropes and fetch balls to engage in interactive play. These activities provide both physical and mental exercise.

DIY Agility Course: 

  • Create a simple agility course using household items. Guide your dog through jumps, tunnels, and obstacles to challenge their agility and focus.  While this can be a pricey sport to get into, it’s cheap and easy to DIY a few agility equipment hacks!

Incorporating these enriching dog activities into your routine helps to ensure your pet stays mentally sharp and content. At Barks & Recreation, we’re here to help you be the best pet parent possible. Our dedicated team offers dog walking, adventure hikes, doggy playdates, and small pet care to keep your pets happy and healthy. We love incorporating enrichment activities every time we are with pets. Contact us today to learn more! 🐾❤️