Rainy Day Essentials For Your Dog in CT

rainy day essentials for your dog
Rainy days in Connecticut can be hard for our 4 legged friends, and for us! Since April showers bring May flowers its important to know the essentials for rainy days in CT.  Let’s get you set up with rainy day essentials for your dog.

Rainy Day Essentials


If your dog doesn’t like to get wet, you aren’t alone!  Many dogs don’t enjoy being out in the rain anymore than we do, but a raincoat can make enough of a difference to many pups.

I highly recommend checking out south eastern Connecticut’s locally owned pet stores. You are supporting buying local AND you can bring your dog so they can try their new rain coat on right in the store.  Pup Stop in Stonington borough has the best gear.


This option is not for every dog, however those that really hate their feet getting wet might appreciate this footsie protectors.

Remember that you will need to teach your dog to be OK with a raincoat & booties. If they aren’t accustom to wearing cloths or shoes then set yourself and your dogs up for success by ensuring you practice before the rain comes (with lots of praise and rewards). Those babies who are sensitive about their feet might not appreciate shoes, don’t force it if your dog is letting you know they are uncomfortable.

I didn’t say rainy day essentials for your dog was going to be easy, but with a bit of work they are totally worth it!

Reflective Collar and Leash

Even during the day it can be hard for a driver to see in the rain.  Don’t take any chances, a reflective collar and leash or a light clipped onto your pups harness can make all the difference while walking your dog in the rain.


This one is a no-brainer, but worth a mention because it’s an important rainy day essential for your dog.  A towel rub down after being in the rain is my dogs favorite thing, sometimes I think they go out in the rain just so they can get towel time!  Keep a towel by the door when it’s raining and your dog might be more willing to head out, and then back in.

Rain Friendly Dog Walker

rainy day essentials for your dogLong walks in the rain isn’t for everyone, and there are storms that aren’t meant to be walked in, however a professional pet sitter is not deterred by a bit of rain.

Before the rainy season really hits CT be sure to pick up rainy day essentials for your dog so you and your pup can practice.  If you need any help finding gear, or tips on getting your dog to go outside in the rain give us a call, we’d love to help out!

Did we miss anything?  Leave a comment and tell me what other items are your rainy day essentials for your dog!