Pet Insurance and Why You Should Have It

October 22, 2020
Pets Best Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance and Why You Should Have It

Pet Insurance covers illness and injuryPet Insurance is just like human insurance, covering accidents, illness and even wellness visits.

  • Your dog swallows a sock and has a blockage, that’s gonna cost you up to $2000.
  • CBS reports that cancer treatment can cost up to $10,000, whoa
  • Broken leg? $200-1000.

Yikes. Unless you have a separate savings account with $10,000 for your fur family, pet insurance is a no-brainier!

Ok, you need more info before you’re convinced, you’re a smart consumer and I can appreciate that.

Reasons to Get Pet Insurance Today

1. Peace of Mind

Pet insurance reimburses you on your veterinary bills when your dog or cat gets sick or injured. Pet insurance also helps you afford the best course of treatment, protects against major financial setbacks, and can give you peace of mind as a pet parent. Having a pet insurance plan allows you to focus on getting the best care for your pet without worrying about the financial burden.

2. Your Savings Account Can Stay A Savings Account

You’ve been working hard to save for that dream trip, house down payment, or maybe just some new tires for your car.  A surprise $1000 ($4000!) can really hamper those goals.  It doesn’t have, reimbursement for those unexpected medical costs means you can still vacation. (Don’t forget to call Barks and Recreation to care for those fur babies while you travel!)

3. Vet Costs are Rising

Without pet insurance you had better keep growing that pet savings account. Vet costs are on the rise as new technology becomes available which means operations, treatments and wellness visit costs continue that uphill climb, pet insurance still has you covered.

4. Easy to Use

Pet insurance claims are as easy as snapping a picture of your receipt and sending it in.  Then you can sit back and drink a cup of coffee, or whatever beverage suits your fancy, and relax because you know your pet is getting the care they need and you don’t have to stress about funding the entire thing.

5. Keep the Same Vet You’ve Always Used

I know you love your vet, they know your fur babies and have always been good to you. Wonderful, with Pet’s Best you can use any licensed vet, emergency clinic, or specialists that you want.  So toss that excuse right out the window.

6. It’s for Life

As your pets age goes up so does their overall expenses.  Studies prove that regular vet care and wellness visits extends the life of your pet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t come across all the typical aliments of aging, pet insurance through Pet’s Best is for life.  Your pet will not age out and you will always be able to renew, regardless of medical issues that come up.  This is what they say:

When your policy renews, we don’t consider previously covered conditions to be pre-existing. This means your pet will still be covered up to your plan’s maximum benefit, even if treatment spans many months or years.

How Many Reasons Do You Need?

Still not convinced?  Are your pets crossing their paws that your friends will donate to your gofundme when the time comes (not a good plan)?  Or maybe you just aren’t sure who to call.  Do you think I would leave you hanging like that?  Give my friend Micheal Whalen at Farmers Insurance a call (860-850-4416), he’s the guy I trust with all my insurance needs, pet insurance being one of them.