A professional for you, and your dog!

September 10, 2020
Happy Dog Sasha

Why Hire a Dog Walker

Has this ever happened to you? 

You’re halfway through your work day and a coworker invites you out for drinks, sounds like a great time, right? But you can’t go because you have some fur babies depending on you to feed them and take them on a much-needed walk.  Bummer. 

  • A short weekend away with friends missed because you can’t bring the fur family.
  • A long commute to and from work filled with guilt about how long it’s been since your best friend went potty.
  •  Getting home from work, exhausted, and just wanting to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine. You look down and Fido is holding the leash expectantly.
  • You’re on an important zoom call. You can’t type in the chat because your four legged kid keeps bumping your elbow for attention (only every time I’m at the computer).

Barks and Recreation Walking dogs

Having a professional pet care company in your pocket is the answer!

No More Pet Parent Guilt!

 A professional dog walker/pet sitter helps ease your guilt at work and at home.  A professional allows you to have a week, weekend, or day getaway, stress-free! Your pets are part of your family, they deserve to be treated like family by a professional. 

Hiring a professional dog walker adds a sense of relief and lessens the everyday worry that comes with furry family members. Whether you are feeling guilty about your workdays or simply don’t have the time to take long walks every day, having a dog walker who knows and loves your pets means one less thing on your plate. 

So, What Does a Dog Walker Do?

We take your dog for a walk (or play in the yard if that’s what they really love). We always ensure they go potty, get a meal, treats or medication as instructed, and of course, they get lots of love and attention!

Pack hikes with Barks and Recreation

Does you pup need more than just an average walk? Lengths of the walk can be tailored to fit your dog’s needs.  Dog-friendly pups can join pack hikes and hang out with their friends in the woods!

Additional Benefits

Some additional benefits of a mid-day walk, pack hike, or yard play visit:

  • Mental Stimulation – just as important as exercise! This happens when your dog experiences new things and gets to smell their surroundings during a walk
  • Improved Health – According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimated 59.5% of cats and 55.8% of dogs are classified as overweight or obese in the United States. One of the best ways to improve your dog’s health is by providing daily walks that are at least 20 minutes long
  • Socialization – Interactions with someone outside of your pet’s immediate family helps them become more social and trusting of others
  • Improved Behavior – A tired dog is a well-behaved dog  
  • Peace of Mind – You’ll receive a visit report telling you exactly how your pets are doing, so you can relax knowing your babies are taken care of
  • Saves you time – Long walks don’t always fit into the schedule. When a dog walker does it for you then you can sleep a little later, take your lunch break with friends instead of running home, and when you do get through the front door you can go right to snuggling with your best friend!

Having a dog walker has a positive impact on the whole family, 2 legged and 4. Having a stress-free workday and a happy exercised dog go hand in hand. You can enjoy your lunch hour, day at the beach, date nights, dinner with friends, and whatever else you’d like all while your dog is getting exercise, playtime, plenty of pets, and needed mental stimulation! 

Elizabeth and crew have been wonderful with my Daisy and a great solution for me when I have a long day and can’t get home to take her out. They are real animal lovers and I highly recommend them!!! – Karen