Professional Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

You’re a busy person who loves their pets and wants the best for them.

We are an award winning pet care company with a team of double certified Pet Care Specialists.

We are here to help you let go of the pet-parent-guilt by freeing up your lunch break, providing some quiet for your zoom calls, and exhausting your dog while you take care of life.

Take Back Your Lunch Hour

Are you out of the house for long days and can’t run home but also don’t want your dog crossing their legs till you can? We’ve got you covered!  We stop by and walk, play, and provide endless ear scratches so you don’t have to ask yourself, are they bored or lonely?  Customize the time to match your dog’s needs!

Release the Zoomies

 Does your dog have some energy to burn?  Getting enough exercise, and mental stimulation, is key to any dogs day and is directly linked to a longer and healthier life for them!  We can walk your dog in the neighborhood, or take them to the trail solo or with a pack. Whatever works best for your furry friend!

Virtual Meetings For Days

Somehow they know exactly when you are on an important call and then BARKBARKBARK.  It’s a power exclusive to dogs and children.  You’ll love having bark free calls (sorry, I can’t help with the kids) when a mental drained and exercised dog is returned, all without you doing a thing.  

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Professionals

Caring for everything from hamsters to horses while serving southeastern Connecticut

Long Day?

Whether you have a long work day or a long day at the beach, free yourself of the guilt of leaving your pup behind and let us ensure they get the physical exercise, mental stimulation, and ear scratches they want and need. Customize the time to match your dog’s needs!


Don’t hesitate on booking that trip!  Hiring a professional means you never have to worry about the care your fur family is receiving while you are away.  We will love on your pets like they are our own, even spending the night with them if that is what they are used to.

Working from home or recovering from an injury?

Let us take something off your plate.  Maybe your dog needs a walk, a ride to the groomers or doggy daycare, or the litter box needs to be scooped.  You can enjoy the snuggle time guilt free when you hire pet care professionals to help out, even when you are home.

Pet Sitting

One night or multiple weeks, we’ve got you covered

Dog Walking

Learn about our dog walking, stay and play, and pack hikes

Total Pet Care

Nail trims, baths, rides to the groomers or doggy daycare. Easy peasy

Professionals at your service

We are as obsessed with our pets as you are about yours, that’s why we care for them like our own. Whether your pets love everyone they meet or need lots of time to warm up, we have the experience, skill, and love of all creatures to ensure they are as stress free as you will be with our services.

So, now what?


Create an account and add your pets with as much detail about them as you want.  Don’t worry about getting every detail, you can update info about them whenever needed with our easy to use software and app

Now it’s time to meet! Pick a time that works for you from the calendar and then we’ll meet to answer your questions, go over your needs, and review care of your pets!  This is a recorded virtual call to ensure we capture every important detail!


Feel the Relief


You’re about to feel a whole lotta relief knowing you have a solid plan for your fur kids, cause you are now ready to request services! With all the detailed information you’ve given and our consultation done we are ready to start walking, playing, and loving on your pets!

Trusted Professionals

Only the Best

All of our team members go through a 7 step hiring process, which includes multiple interviews, personality testing, and state and federal background checks.  

Once hired all team members are Double Certified as a Pet Care Specialists and in Pet CPR and First Aid.  They receive more than 15 hours of online and in person training to ensure they are ready to deliver the exceptional care expected of all Barks & Recreation team members.  

Because we are so careful in our selection and training of team members we know that every Pet Care Specialists is ready to love your pet before even meeting! 

We strive to be a company that animal lovers want to work with!  We promote personal growth and a healthy work-life balance, as well as providing opportunities to encourage professional growth. 


Peace of Mind

You know we have the experience, the training, the passion and the love for your pets, but don’t you want to know what happened while we were there?

Of course you do!

Every time we visit your home you will receive a visit report.  This email, or app notification, lets you know if your fur kids ate, played, got their medicine, went potty and much more. 

Everyones favorite part?  The PICTURES!


Six Reasons Barks and Recreation is the Right Choice

We treat your pets as our own

Safety and security

Your pets safety and your home’s security are our highest priority. That is why all human pack members are background checked, pet CPR and First Aid certified, all participate in continuing education around pet care and animal behavior, and we are insured and bonded so you never have to worry.

Fast &Easy Scheduling

Booking your trip at midnight? Book your pet sitting at the same time. You’re busy, so schedule visits when it’s convenient for you. Or opt to be on a regular weekly or monthly schedule. Either way it’s fast and easy through the client portal.


Visit Reports

With our visit guarantee you don’t need to worry all day if someone showed up, just check your email or the app for the visit report you receive with each visit! Then you can show off the pictures of your adorable pets to whoever is around, we understand.

Backup Plan

Having a plan is important, having a Plan B is even more important. With at least 2 people familiar with your pets and home we always meet our commitment, even when your regular person is sick or taking their own vacation. Phew, that’s a relief!

Exceptional Service

We are committed to providing care that stands out. That means that we are constantly looking for and educating ourselves on ways to improve your animals experience with us. New games, enrichment toys, and new paths to walk on are just a few things we consider with every visit.

Award Winning

In our very first year of providing dog walking and pet sitting to southeastern CT we placed in the Best of Reader Choice award. You can read all about the client experience in our testimonials and you’ll understand why they voted for us!

The proof is in the pudding…

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